About Alix

So a bit about me? I actually do love longs walks on the beach...with my dog; being by the ocean has such a calming effect on me.
I love being social and any time spent with good people makes me so happy but I am also a massive homebody who loves to nap. I love a good night out featuring an Espresso Martini or Gin and if there is a dance floor, I’ll be on it.


I am the proud dog mum of Murphy who is my daily walk companion. I love little getaways around South Australia and Australia and am forever trying to tick things off my bucket list – next up Skydiving… well maybe not next.

I became somewhat obsessed with weddings - always wanted to look them up and know all the ins and outs! A friend said to me "why don’t you be a celebrant" LIGHT BULB MOMENT!! How had I not thought of this sooner?


I actually LOVE speaking to crowds, adore people and hearing their stories and of course love weddings. Some study and 6 months later - BAM I was a marriage celebrant and I bloody love it! I can honestly say I am finally doing the work I've always wanted – and trust me, I trialled a lot of other jobs and nothing compares to what I do now.


So why pick me to be the one that makes you a legally married couple? Because I will love your wedding as if it were my own; I will help you create the ceremony of your dreams and not one that puts Nanna to sleep - I will encourage you to write personalised vows and to make your ceremony the start of the party not just that boring part that people have to go to.


Seeing two people get married is just something I really love!

Flick me an email with your date and location and I'll shout you a coffee/wine/beer and we can chat – I cant wait to meet you.