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Alix, the Adelaide wedding celebrant, enjoying an espresso martini.

get to know Alix

Alix, the Adelaide wedding celebrant, laughing with her dog Murphy.

Hey lovers! I’m so glad (and flattered) that you’ve found your way here, to my corner of the internet.


So, I figure the least I can do is pull the curtain back so you can get to know me a little and do a vibe check ;)

I am a social butterfly, and I love spending time with my people, so my calendar and my heart are always very full. I love a good night out featuring an Espresso Martini or Gin, and if there is a dance floor, you best believe I’ll be on it! Which is probably why I also really love a nap - I’m known for being able to fall asleep almost anywhere, especially if I’m the passenger in the car.

You know when people joke about dating profiles that say “I love long walks on the beach” well, I actually do…with my doggo Murphy. Yep, I’m a proud dog mum and Murphy-man is my daily walk companion. The ocean has always had such a calming effect on me so we walk there as much as we can.

Little getaways are essential for my soul and well being. I love exploring our beautiful state here in South Australia but I’m always venturing somewhere new across the country when I can and ticking things off my bucket list - I've just got back from The Red Center.


Back in 2016 I became somewhat wedding obsessed. I was always scrolling on Instagram and looking up all the ins and outs of friends and families' big days. A friend of mine noticed how much I genuinely love, love, and said to me “Why don’t you become a celebrant?” When I say it was like everything made sense all at once I’m not lying! Of course, I was meant to be a Celebrant! And so I sat with it, I shared the idea with family and friends who all met me with the same reaction “OMG YES! Why have we never thought of that?!” each of us having light bulb moments that this was THE THING for me. 

I stumble on my words regularly in my day to day life but I strangely have always LOVED speaking to crowds, I adore being around people and hearing their stories and of course, love weddings. So, some study and 12 months later - BAM! I was a Marriage Celebrant and I bloody love it! I can honestly say I’m finally doing the work I’ve always wanted - and trust me - I tried a lot of other jobs and nothing compares! 


So, why should you pick me to be the one that makes you a legally married couple? 

Because, I will love your wedding as if it were my own - but don’t worry I won’t show up in a white gown ;) But I do promise that I will guide you on your ‘wedding planning’ journey. I will  help you create the ceremony of your dreams, making sure it is the start of a really great celebration of the two of you and not just the boring bit people have to go to.

Alix the Celebrant on a swing in beautiful Adelaide location
Feel like we’re a good match?


Get in touch and we can grab a drink of your choice - my shout! - and get chatting about your wonderful wedding day.


I can’t wait to meet you. 

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Credit to the photographers who provided photos for this page: Lilac In Hand Photography, Evan Bailey Photography

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